NYC has a goal of 80% renewable energy by 2050. That means a TON of solar will need to be installed to meet the cities goals. Be part of the solution by telling us you want solar on YOUR building. Now, even if you are a renter you can take advantage of solar energy in NYC. 

Community Solar enables all ConEd customers to reduce their electric costs by providing virtual access to renewable energy production. 

DIW'S Community Solar Program:

Connects homeowners to a community solar project hosted in their neighborhood. It also offers owners of large buildings to generate revenue by hosting a community solar project on their site.

How does community solar work? Community solar, also known as "shared solar" consists of one central solar array which is virtually connected to ten or more "subscribers". The energy produced by the array offsets the utility bills of subscribers. Subscribers are often those who aren't able to install solar panels on their own property for a variety of reasons including: 

  • No roof space or shaded roof space
  • Older roof or wrong roofing material
  • Condo / Co-op board rules
  • Municipal zoning codes prohibitive of solar

ConEd / New York City:

  • Open projects available. Fill out the form below to participate in one of the first community solar projects in NYC. 
We will only use your name to reach out to you. We will never share your name.